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Contributors Guide

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the FarmBot Project! Before you read this guide, it is important that you understand the license you will be releasing your contributions and IP under; please see our General Disclaimer for details.

Using the Wiki

  • If you see any links in red, these are pages that need to be created. Click the links and start them off; even if you only write a few sentences or insert one image, that is better than nothing
  • If you see any grammatical, spelling, or formatting errors, please fix them
  • Don't be afraid to make mistakes, anything can be reverted or changed again later
  • If another site like Wikipedia has relevant information, just link to it rather than copying and pasting unless you want to significantly tailor the content to our wiki


Improving Existing Designs

The best way to contribute to existing designs is by first owning the hardware and understanding the constraints within which it was originally designed for, and how the design may then be improved. If you have an idea, it is best practice to contact the original designer first to make sure they are not currently working on a similar improvement or if they have tried it in the past and forgot to document it.

Contributing New Designs

If you have an idea for a completely new seed injector, or entire FarmBot system, share your ideas in the following way:

  1. Come up with a name for your idea that is both unique and descriptive such as: “Hal 9000 Double Barrel Seed Injector” or “FarmBot Oasis”
  2. Create a wiki page with your idea's name as the title
  3. Write whatever is necessary to get your idea across. Use of images, schematics, and other diagrams are strongly encouraged. Link to any supporting videos or other websites. Make sure to include links to CAD models and technical drawings if you have them.
  4. Create more wiki pages if necessary. For example: If your idea is now on Version 2 of it's design cycle, make a new page for Version 2, archive your Version 1 content on it's own page, and change the idea's top level page to be more generic and link to the various versions. Or, if your idea uses some special type of component, you may want to make an entire page about that component, and link to it.


We have several repositories for the project, all of which are hosted here on GitHub. Please follow the following procedure for contributing software:

  1. Find or create an issue that you want to tackle from GitHub's issue tracker
  2. Fork the repository
  3. Make your contribution locally (if it is a new feature, please provide tests for it)
  4. Document your work if necessary (how to run the tests, what still needs to be done, any further issues, etc)
  5. Make a Pull Request to Master or the most appropriate branch

Feel free to jump into conversations on GitHub and email with any other questions.


Interested in writing an article or blog post about the FarmBot Project? That would be awesome and much appreciated! Please write it on your own by finding information from the project wiki, the whitepaper, and the project's homepage and blog. If you still have questions, you can email and I'll do my best to answer them - but I'm very busy so please email me sparingly!

You can also download and use the FarmBot Logos however you want!

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