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Creating a page

There are several ways to create a new page.

Find more information about the different ways here:

Let us imagine you solved a problem about the FarmBot and you want to create a new page about the solution in the topic problems-solved.

First go to the topic, in which you want to create a new page.

Now edit that page clicking on the pencil symbol on the right.

To create a new page you can simply create a link for the new page. It will be created automatically. Use [[HIRARCHYOFTHEPAGE//NAMEOFTHEPAGE//]]. The left part shows where you are creating the page. When you want to create your page as a sub page of [[problems-solved]] write[[//problems-solved:nameofyourpage//|nameofyourpage]] . So in our case we typed in [[problems-solved:mynewsolution|mynewsolution]]

Always use “-” instead of spaces and divide sub pages with “:”.

Than type “|”. The right part shows how the link should be displayed.

And that is what we have created:

Now you can click on the created link to get to the new page. On the right there is the button “Create this page” (+ pencil). After clickong the buttom you can edit the new page.

On the left corner under the FarmBot logo it says “You are here:” There you can see if the hierarchy structure is worked out.

Now you can edit the page using the editor.

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