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The FarmBot Project

FarmBot is humanity's open-source automated precision farming machine. Picture FarmBots as giant 3D printers, but instead of extruding plastic, its tools are seed injectors, watering nozzles, sensors, and more. FarmBot technology exhibits the following key features:

  • CNC XYZ Movement: Using an Arduino and Raspberry Pi, the FarmBot tool head can be precisely positioned for a variety of operations such as soil preparation, seeding, watering, fertilizing, weed control, and data acquisition.
  • Complete Control: Farm or garden layouts are designed with a drag and drop web-based interface allowing complete customization from any device. Operations are auto-scheduled ensuring your plants never miss a day of watering.
  • Fully Optimized: A decision support system automatically adjusts water, fertilizer, and pesticide regimens; seed spacing, timing, and more based on soil and weather conditions; sensor data, location, and time of year.
  • Dozens of Applications: From small raised beds, to retrofitted greenhouses, to urban rooftops, to commercial and industrial applications; FarmBot is scalable and modular to work in any situation.
  • Best of all, everything is free and open-source.

Our Vision is to create an open and accessible technology aiding everyone to grow food and to grow food for everyone. Our Mission is to grow a community that produces free and open-source hardware plans, software, data, and documentation enabling everyone to build and operate a farming machine.

Project History

The Whitepaper

The FarmBot whitepaper served as the catalyst for all of Rory's ideas, providing the medium with which to share the FarmBot concept, vision, and initial technical design with the world. It was written during the Summer of 2013 and published on September 19, 2013. Within days, it had captured the attention of software developers, open-source enthusiasts, ag specialists, mechanical engineers, and more. It was over the next week that the project became very real: a core team formed, people began donating money and materials, and the press coverage exploded. You can read the FarmBot Whitepaper online or download it in PDF format for offline use.

Early Prototypes and Research

Idea Inception





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