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OpenFarm ( is a free and open database for farming and gardening knowledge. It's goal is to crowdsource, organize, and make accessible the information required to grow any plant in any location, under any conditions, in all ways possible. An example: How to grow Roma Tomatoes in San Luis Obispo, California, during the Summer in a greenhouse, with organic practices.

The data of OpenFarm is a necessary component for FarmBot to function because the Decision Support System utilizes this data for nearly every calculation it makes. Without OpenFarm, a user would need to know exactly how to grow every different type of plant they wished to grow, and would need to enter in these “grow specifications” manually for every type of plant. Crowdsourcing the data will spread the data entry burden and allow the greater wisdom of the crowd to benefit all.

OpenFarm is being developed as a standalone database and web application that will provide data to the Decision Support System via an API. This API will be open so that others may access the data and build other applications on top of it, such as a mobile application for hobbyist gardeners. In addition, OpenFarm will have it's own web frontend so non-FarmBot users may search through and use the data. The web frontend will also serve as the place for people to contribute data to the database.

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