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This wiki is a place for the FarmBot community to document, share, and discover ideas. Whether that means sharing photos of how to modify your FarmBot, or creating lists of links of places to buy parts, consider this your home to share anything and everything related to FarmBot.

Getting Started New here? Here are some links to get you started: What is FarmBot Read our Contributors Guide Explore All FarmBots Connect with others and discuss ideas in a less formal setting on The FarmBot Forum

Looking for information about FarmBot Genesis or want to purchase a FarmBot kit? Check out Confused about the difference between this wiki, the forum, and Read the next section:

The FarmBot Project and Community vs FarmBot Inc. It is important to understand the difference between “The FarmBot Project and Community” and “FarmBot Inc.” We hope the table below summarizes the distinction.

The FarmBot Project and Community FarmBot Inc. Description The community of individuals, educational and governmental institutions, non-profits, and for-profit businesses who are using and developing FarmBot technology. FarmBot Inc is the first for-profit business that is developing and selling FarmBot hardware and software. Logos Large_Logo.png Downloadable logos here Square Logo Grey on Square Logo White on Brown.jpg Digital Spaces (homepage) (community wiki - you are here) (community forum)

No longer used: and subdomains (homepage) (documentation) (software repositories) (expirimental software repositories)

No longer used: and subdomains Wiki Page The FarmBot Project FarmBot Inc Founded In/By September 2013, by Rory Aronson 2016, by Rory Aronson, Rick Carlino, and Tim Evers Content License Wiki content: CC0 Forum content: CC0 Software: MIT Hardware: CC0 Documentation: CC0 Media: CC0 Legal Entity None For-profit business, specifically a California Benefit Corporation which is treated like a C-corp under tax law. Steward/Maintainer FarmBot Inc. N/A

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