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 +Pests of a small garden setup can be of many types and sizes.
 +Setting up a netting cover over the garden space shouldn’t be too difficult using pvc irrigation piping (about 1 inch / 20-25mm). Space permitting around the Farmbot, 3 simple hooped pvc pipes along the x-axis (perpendicular to the tracks) should be all that’s required to hold up a small sized agricultural net (white coloured to alert low flying birds :-}. At each end and one in the center.
 +A more involved structure would be to use straight pvc piping, using corner joiners. The netting would similarly drape over either structure. Keeping the netting tight on both version reduces the risk of birds getting caught if they do collide with it.
 +To gain access within, a simple vertical cut in the netting at the ‘tool’ end of FarmBot, with some form of clips to resecure the opening when not in use should work. There could be some overlapping of netting at the entry point to also assist in closing the gap on exit?
 +This type of structure could assist in reducing access by moths/​caterpillars,​ birds, cats, rabbits - or basically many pests to a small garden space. Rain can still fall through to the garden.
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