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Universal Tool Mount

Working on the universal tool mount presented in itself a series of challenges that slowed down the completion of assembling the farmbot. Such challenges were; attaching the 12 wires in the communications cable to the bolts on the universal tool mount. At first, we attempted to connect the wires with a shrink wrap by putting the bare wire on the bolt and then heating the wrap with a soldering iron so as to prevent it from slipping, but very quickly was that attempt rendered useless. So then, we thought it would work if we still used the shrink wrap idea but enhancing it with the use of black electrical tape with the hope that by placing the tape on the shrink wrap and sticking it to the base and then heating it with a soldering iron further. However, this idea after a while, gave in, and we watched wire after wire detach itself from the tool mount. In a frustrated attempt, we melted solder on the wire while it was attached to the bolt but as predicted it quickly lost contact.

Finally, we tied to connect the wires to the bolts with zip-ties but the challenge was in finding small enough zip-ties that allowed us to tie the wires tightly but once we found the zip-ties, it was a breeze from then on. We were able to attach the wires by first changing the rather short bolts on the tool mount to longer bolts in order to use the zip-ties effectively. Surprisingly this method worked and was indeed the easiest to work with.

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