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PlotBot is designed to be FarmBot's little brother. The design is currently in active development with little/nothing to show for it above the basic idea.


PlotBot is being designed to run on raised rails, that are permanently in place, using caterpillar tracks instead of a motor and belt approach. This has 2 distinct advantages over the original design: - PlotBot can turn corners. tracks can be curved, and PlotBot can treat the corner as a straight section of track, just continuing around the corner. It is not advised to have plants on the corner section. - PlotBot can be moved to other beds/track sections. This allows a multi bed approach with minimal human intervention - Theoretically, PlotBot can run on the ground - A more basic Universal Tool Mount has been designed. This UTM has less(?) features.

Basic UCM

The Basic UCM (BCM) is somewhat different to the UCM, while maintaining the same layout for compatibility.


  • PlotBot may be accidentally moved along the track, with no way of knowing how far its been moved. As such an optical positioning system will need to be implemented - Z axis may have more wobble
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