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FarmBot Directory

If you are interested in hacking your FarmBot, want to build one from the ground up, or want to start contributing designs, this is the place to start. This category page lists all of the different documented versions of complete FarmBots. Note, our use of complete refers to the fact that these projects are not just a subsystem, but an entire FarmBot system; it does not necessarily mean they are fully functioning systems or finished with development.

FarmBot Genesis

The first ever complete FarmBot currently under development. Designed for scalability, hackability, simplicity, and manufacturability. Very much a foundation for future development and research. Targeted at the DIYer and maker movement. Features an Arduino microcontroller and two tools: a seed injector and a watering nozzle.

  • Wiki page: FarmBot Genesis
  • Active?: Yes
  • Stage: In development
  • Maintainer: FarmBot Inc
  • Start Date: July 2013
  • End Date: N/A
  • Available for purchase?: Yes

FarmBot Plumb

A vertical FarmBot for vertical gardening. Its just an idea, really. Could be useful on the side of a building where space is limited, or on skyscrapers.

  • Wiki page: FarmBot Plumb
  • Active?: No
  • Stage: Just an idea
  • Maintainer: None
  • Start Date: N/A
  • End Date: N/A
  • Available for purchase?: No

Rack Rail FarmBot

A FarmBot using a robotic arm mounted on a rack rail. This is useful for irregularly shaped or sloping plots, and also for vertical farming.

  • Wiki page: Rack Rail FarmBot
  • Active?: Yes
  • Stage: Research
  • Maintainer: Mikael Lindqvist
  • Start Date: October 2017
  • End Date: N/A
  • Available for purchase?: No

The Orbicular FarmBOT

This FarmBot uses a polar coordinate system to tend to a large diameter circle. Utilizing a single, central supporting pylon this FarmBot is a way to reduce complexity, material costs, and simplify on-site installation and flexibility.

  • Active?: No
  • Stage: Just an idea
  • Maintainer: Michael Loren Aronson
  • Start Date: September 2013
  • End Date: N/A
  • Available for purchase?: No

London International Academy FarmBot

Northeastern Wisconsin Technical College FarmBot

FarmBot Hammerhead

  • Wiki page: FarmBot Hammerhead
  • Active?: No
  • Stage: Early
  • Maintainer: Unknown
  • Start Date: Unknown
  • End Date: N/A
  • Available for purchase?: No


Farmbot Drone System

  • Active: Yes
  • Stage: Concept
  • Maintainer: Jozef de Beer
  • Start Date: November 2, 2016
  • End Date: Unknown
  • Available for purchase?: Not yet

Rabobank London Roof Terrace FarmBot

  • Active?: Yes
  • Stage: Near Complete (hopefully)
  • Maintainer: Rabobank London
  • Start Date: Early 2017
  • End Date: N/A
  • Available for purchase?: No

TUHH FarmBot

  • Wiki page: TUHH FarmBot
  • Active?: Yes
  • Stage: Early
  • Maintainer: Hamburg University of Technology, Germany
  • Start Date: 16.06.2017
  • End Date: N/A
  • Available for purchase?: No
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