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Farmbot Drone System

This idea was first presented to Farmbot here in the forum by ACBaum.

In the link above there are a couple of links to drones which can perch. This would give monitoring crops a very dynamic aspect in an energy efficient manner.

ACBaum presented several benefits to merging farmbot with drones and other variations of miniature robotics. What I envision will be a carrier for the drones which will have many aspects of Farmbot. The carrier will carry seeds, water, do watering, weeding, recharge drones, collect solar power and store harvested veggies. Ideally if this carrier (or drones) could also process the veggies as it harvests, there is the benefit that the scraps could be left on the field.

This is a great video that shows off smart drone capabilities in 2013.

Here is another video about flying drones with a focus on orchard agriculture.

What I would like to do is find people working on smart drones. Then we can encourage collaboration between the Farmbot community and the Smart drone community. Also collaboration can be encouraged amongst the different universities working on smart drones (if this isn't happening already).

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