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Update 01.16.2018


Our team are building a Farmbot. Farmbot is a machine built to water crops automatically. The watering system driven by motor moves along the rectangular Farmbot and waters the plants regularly. Works such as hoeing can also be done by the machine, which could pick up tools using magnetic mechanism.


1. Deciding the way to set up the box (board) which holds the battery, raspberry and arduino.
2. Measuring and cutting the board.
3. Finding screws and screw heads for installing.

1. Locating holes and drilling them.
2. Using zip-ties to attach the battery instead, since there was no enough space for the screw heads.

1. Installing the arduino using zip-ties.
2. Drilling and installing the raspberry with M3 screws and lock-nuts.
3. Installing the board onto the gantry column. We have difficulty holding the tee nuts in position. It is solved by putting little rolls of tape under the tee nuts.

1. Watching the video and learn that the raspberry and arduino are connected with a USB cable.
2. Running the cables (for battery) through the x-axis.
3. Considering the way to install the air pump.
4. Soldering to extend the wires of the power in x-axis to the plug.

Lessons we learned

1. The cable carrier closures can be opened by tweezers,and that the cables are much easier to fit into the carrier.
2. Using little rolls of type to hold the tee nuts in the rails is a brilliant idea! It is help full when we work with vertically positioned moving parts.
3. It better to install the electronics box before the entire gantry is assembled. Better planning could be done to make the installation easier.

Contributors: Aeon, Amy, Ariana, Fatima, Garfield, Halley, Yolanda

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