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 +During this week, several classmates and I worked together on the farm bot UTM. As the instruction indicate, we need to connect the UTM cable wire to the screws on the top of the UTM. It was supposed to be a quite simple procedure but we encountered some problems. Originally, we couldn'​t use the same method as the manual because our screws were not long enough and we didn't have the fitted size of zip ties as well. Therefore, we started to try to put them on and put rubber tubes on them and shrink them to keep the wires isolated. It went well on the first day. What we didn't expect was that on the next day, rubber tubes fell off because they had cooled down and too small to fit the screws. After that we came up with another idea of using soldering iron to fix the cables on. But with thorough thoughts of our group members, we realized that if we did it in that way, it would be hard to apply any changes. After all those tries, we decided to start over and built the UTM all over again. We managed to get the appropriate size of screws and zip ties. Finally, we finished the UTM part according to the Farmbot instruction. 
 +It has been a hard time get everything sorted out. I think it is better if we can use some kind of interfaces instead of screws. The reason is that it is easier to connect cables and less work on modifications or changes on the UTM part. Besides, it is a even more secure way to put parts together as it avoids leak of electricity at maximum extent.
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